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Dear Diary,
Oh My God-I am so embarrassed! The other day I was walking down the street and I ran into the Hottest guy. He had black hair and deep brown eyes and the most amazing smile. He looked straight at me and I froze in my tracks. I tried to manage a small hello, but was speechless. All I could do was lower my eyes until he walked passed me. It was then that I realized my worst fear had come true: I WAS NAKED!

My lip began to tremble and I made my way home as quickly as possible. I cried all night to my parents, Annie and Elliot, for a cute outfit, a jacket, a t-shirt, anything! But everywhere we shopped was the same styles, same colors nothing exciting.

It was then that we decided to take matters into my own... um, paws. I wanted a glam-rock-hippie-chic-funky-supersonic wardrobe that would take me beyond the week-old trends I saw everywhere I went.

So I thought and bought, sewed and sequined... until RuffLuv was finally born! The Daniels have been in the garment business for over 20 years, so I know their products are all the best the industry has to offer. Plus with MY unique flair for fashion, we'd be unstoppable! The clothes we've designed are always cool and comfortable and they'll command all the positive attention you know you deserve.

Well, that's all for now- Gotta get ready for my date with the Dalmatian next door.

Keepin it Ruff,
Pita the Yorkie

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